27 September 2021


Energy Saving Cover
pool cover

Saving electricity is one of the ways to help and preserve the environment.

The heating of swimming pools can consume a significant amount of energy. But we will always have more suitable solutions.

Reducing energy consumption with our cover

The heating of the pool consumes energy due to the excessive cooling of the water. With our cover, the pool can remain closed during the night (or any other cold time).

Reduced evaporation will also mean that less cold water needs to be introduced. By introducing less cold water, energy consumption is also reduced.

Our integrated cover is controlled from your smartphone or voice assistant.

Our movable backgrounds can be controlled from the smartphone app and also via your voice assistant (Siri, Alexa or Google).

A storm is coming? Just close the cover and your pool is protected.

Temperature dropping? You can also close the cover to insulate it from the cold.

Is the sun out? You can lower the cover so that the sun’s rays hit the water directly.

Pools with whirlpools are the ones that most notice the reduction in consumption.

Whirlpools are the ones that benefit the most from energy savings because they usually have warmer water. Yes, we can also install our cover on whirlpools!

The protection of the environment is very important to us, so do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.


27 September 2021


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