Commercial use

These are our movable pool covers for demanding business owners, where both design and technology combine to meet all the needs of the guests in a single space.

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Use cases when

Adjusting the depth of the pool, different uses may be given to your guests.

Safe place for kids activities.
Easy access for people with reduced movility.
Aquagym, swimming or aquatic Pilates.
A regular pool to swim or diving.

Use cases when

Raise It to ground level and there will be space for any activity.


Cocktails and parties.
Activities for guests.
Lower cleaning and maintenance costs.
Unattended control access.

The Pool Concept difference

Our movable pool floor systems have a unique and exclusive design, while also standing out as a result of the following features.

Full compatibility

Compatible with all kinds of filtration systems treatments (salt or chlorine).


We work with quality material to prevent corrosion.


We can install our solutions in already built or new construction pools.

Environment friendly

Keeping pool covered means less water and chemicals to keep pool clean


You can adapt the shape and size of your pool. It’s also accessory-friendly (spotlights, benches, cleaning robots, etc.)


Thanks to its height set flexibility, you decide the depth and water level of your pool.

A design for every need

We use quality materials to create a strong movable floor with a designer finish.









These are some of the most frequently asked questions that may arise. Find more information on our blog.

Can a Pool Concept movable pool floor get installed over a currently existing pool?

Yes, due to the engine design and technology, the Pool Concept movable pool floor can be installed both in existing pools and in newly made pools. Our engineers and advisors will work with you to adapt the project to your needs.

What is included in the price?

Our estimate price will include:Our estimate price will include:• Movable pool cover personalized design• Movable pool cover structure• Transportation to the project site• InstallationDoes not include:• Permit fees• Finnishing materials• Extended warranty

What is needed to maintain a Pool Concept movable pool floor?

Leave the job to the experts. In Pool Concept we offer a maintenance program to ensure your movable pool floor system is always running according to your expectations. Our representative will provide you with the details.

Can I have my own pool builder or is a Pool Concept-qualified builder required for the construction of the pool basin?

No, you can choose the pool builder of your preference. Our team will work with them to guarantee that the project is carried out properly.

Can I choose the pool depth of my pool?

Absolutely! From the control panel you can make the Pool Concept movable pool floor to stop at the depth you need depending on the use you will give to your pool each time. Kids swimming, hydrotherapy, training, you name it!

How much does a Pool Concept movable pool floor cost?

Because our pool are custom-made, before providing a quotation, one of our specialist would visit your property to be accurate when considering factors such as size, shape, and any special requirements that the project may have. You can always visit the Pool Concept estimator tool for a personalized quote

How long until I get my movable pool floor installed?

As each project is different and challenges may vary, we estimate an average of 10 weeks to get your Pool Concept movable floor installed after the agreement is executed.

Can I have any type of finish installed on an Pool Concept movable pool floor?

You can use any pool safe material on your Pool Concept movable floor. Our team will work with you to adapt the platform to the weight and and ensure the movable pool floor is designed based on the floor finish of your choice. There are no restrictions on finish, but some options include porcelain tile, composite wood decking and water-resistant wood. Keep in mind that each material will behave different when underwater for long periods.

Can a Pool Concept’s movable floor be installed in a salt water pool?

Pool Concept movable floors parts and components are made suitable for use with chlorine and saltwater filtration systems. All materials used in the construction of our movable floors are certified safe for pool use.

Does Pool Concept offers warranty on its movable floors?

Pool Concept delivers its products with a warranty of 12 months from the date of its installation and post-sales customer service and support.

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