4 December 2020


Swimming Pool Safety: How to Get a Safe Environment
piscinas de lujo

Ensuring safety on your pools

Safety is   a matter of utmost concern  when we speak about pools
Some  people do not take into account safety when constructing their pool .  Sometimes a child or an elder person joins the family and at that moment, we notice how fundamental is addressing such safety  concerns
Some  safety problems for swimming pools are:
  • Inadequate depth: excessively depth may cause drownings and on the other hand, pools with low depth  may be dangerous when jumping or diving in.
  • Accidents when accidentally falling  into the poo. Mainly children ,  the elderly or handicapped people.
Lets see some ways to achieve a safe pool!.

Perimeter fencing

Building a fence around the pool is a common solution. It is the simplest. Prevents children from falling easily. Although it does not completely eliminate the problem, since children can access
through the cracks or jump over the fence. The main problems of the fences are:
  • It does not solve the lack of security related to the depth of the pool. It is a very serious aspect that we must not forget.
  • It is deeply unsightly. The main reason we build a pool is to enjoy a beautiful space and to relax in it. Having an anti aesthetics fence is way far from what we expect from a chilling space.
  • The fenced space of the pool can not be used for  any other use.
  • Create a barrier between the pool and the patio or garden makes it difficult making the most of our patio.

Tarps or weak covers

They are not a good solution for either problem (drops and inadequate depth).
They do not prevent falls because they are too weak to support a person. They also always leave holes through which an accident can happen.
They are  low cost solutions that make any pool look ugly and ,moreover, dirt gets accumulated

Methacrylate covers

There might be  a solution to avoid accidental  falls,   however, they do not solve the problem of inadequate depth of the pool.
Like fences, they disfigure  swimming pools in patios landscape , making them  look awkward . Should you needed to  to convert your garden into a greenhouse, it might be a good choice.

Passable covers

They solve both swimming pool safety problems: accidental falls and improper depth.
  • Our Walkable and movable covers can be raised to the desired height.   it gets adapted to who is using the pool at a time. Shallow  for children and deeper for adults to swim.
  • Accidents will no longer happen. The pool might be  hidden and fully integrated into the patio. No one will perceive  that there is a swimming pool under the cover.


Walkable covers are not only the most suitable solution when there is a lack of space, they are the safest solution.

4 December 2020


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